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Funder #1

This website was created thanks to the participation of the community.
In the full spirit of the crowd funding, we wanted to propose ourselves to the community as the first project asking the funds needed to go.
Thanks to the participation of many people, now we can develop this idea. And those people, not everyone, have done so much.
They created a space available to users, where you can share, develop and create ideas. A space where every small idea can grow up to become real. With these simple words we want to thank you.

Thank you to believe in us, thank to you all.
BoomStarter’s Staff

Marco Interdonato
Cristina Antonelli
Giuseppina Mura
Salvatore Ferrari Ruffino
Alessandro D'Erme
Tamara Selim Menandri
Giovanna Maria Falchi
Salvatore Murgia
Andrea Ceino
Elio Fabrizi
Anna Grossi
Rita Vizzaccaro