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What is BoomStarter?

Boomstarter is an online platform, born to give the opportunity to whomever has a creative project to share it with the community and to collect requested funds to realize it or develop it.

What is the aim of BoomStarter?

BoomStarter believes in the crowd funding project and makes himself as a tool to realize it. In other words, BoomStarter is a showcase provided for users which have ideas, projects and professional goals, giving them visibility and a chance to find people that wants to fund them.

Who can join BoomStarter?

Everybody can propose his project, so as everybody can fund projects proposed by our site.

Who has the leading role in BoomStarter?

The protagonists of BoomStarter are these two categories: the “Starters” and the “Funders”.

What the Starters do?

The Starters propose a project, starting a fund raising to realize it. So they have to send to BoomStarter a project’s description supplied with a video. They also have to set up how much funds the project needs, the donation steps, the rewards for Funders, and the time within the funds will be rised.

What the Funders do?

The Funders look at the projects done by the Starters, to choose which they want to fund. They can do donations they like and they also have a right to receive proportionate rewards.

What do have I to do to be a Starter or a Funder?

You only have to sign up. Then, you can choose to start your project or you can choose to fund one or more projects. -

What do have I to do to sign up?

You just have to click on the “sign up” box provided and to fill in the form with your Name, Surname, Nickname and your Email address. You will need to agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy too.

What do have I to do to go online with my project?

Once you’re signed up, you can choose to propose your project to BoomStarter’s Staff by checking the “Propose Your Project” box provided.

What happens when my project goes online?

Once your project will be online, it will have his own page. In real time everybody can see the fund raising level and how much days are remaining to fund. The project will be online until the funding time will be up.

What do have I to do to fund the project I like?

Once you’re signed up, you can choose to fund a project donating by PayPal.

How many projects can I fund?

There is no limit to the projects that you can fund. You can also decide to fund the same project more times.

Does PayPal apply any fees on dealing?

Yes, the PayPal fees have to be paid by the Starters. More info here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-fees-outside

What about rewards for Funders?

The Funders will get rewards in proportion to their payments. Every project has his own rewards list exposed.

Do the Funders have any kind of rights about the project they are funding?

No. The Funders have only a right to receive their rewards. All project’s rights belong to the Starters.

What about the time that I’ve to set for my fund rising?

You must set your fund rising time between 30 and 120 days.

What happens when the time I’ve set is up?

All the funds raised will be sent to the Project’s Starter except the BoomStarter’s own charges.

What about the BoomStarter’s own charges?

When the project’s time is up, BoomStarter charges a 4% commission to all the projects completely funded; otherwise, BoomStarter charges a 9% commission to all the projects not entirely funded.

Does it cost money to publicate my project?

No. It’s free.

Once my project is online, may I change it?

No. Once your project is online you cannot change it.

Once my project is online, may I take it off?

No. Your project will be online until the time you’ve set will be up.

What happens if my project rises all the funds I’ve asked for?

Congratulations! I can see many people like your project. Now it’s time to work to realize it, so you will send it to BoomStarter’s Staff once it’s done. Than, the Staff will post your project and you can share your satisfaction with your funders.

What happens if my project rises all the funds I’ve asked for before my project’s time limit?

Your project will be online until the time limit will be up. So you’ll continue to raise extra funds.

What happens if my project doesn’t rise all the funds I’ve asked for?

When the project’s time limit is up, you have a right to receive all the funds that your project has raised. We would like you to try to propose another project, so you might be luckier next time.

What does the success of projects depend on?

It depends on variables like the original project’s idea, the kind of your introduction -possibly clear and snappy- and the ability to advertise your project by social networks and other. Those things will increase the possibility to you to meet with funders’ approval.

Does BoomStarter have any rights on your projects?

No. All projects’ rights belong to the Starters.

After I’ve made my donation to a project, will I be notified if that project will be completely funded?

Sure. You can follow the fund rising progress live on BoomStarter, and, when the fund rising will be over, you’ll be notified by e-mail from BoomStarter’s Staff.

What is the BoomContest?

BoomStarter is also a showcase for talented people, so it gives you a chance to show your qualities. The BoomContest makes the most voted talented person to win a grant to make your dreams come true.

What’s about the grant?

It’s a grant money from BoomStarter. The amount of the grant will be set up everytime a new BoomContest starts.

What do have I to do to enter the BoomContest?

To enter the BoomContest you’ve just to be signed up with BoomStarter, to fill the BoomContest’s form and to send your “talented video” to BoomStarter’s Staff.

What do have I to do to vote my favourite BoomContest “talented video”?

To vote your favourite “talented video” you just have to be signed up with BoomStarter. You can only vote one time.

Who wins the BoomContest?

Most voted “talented video” wins.

When does the BoomContest start? And how long time it takes?

You can follow the BoomContest live, just by checking the BoomContest box provided.