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Boomstarter Borns


Inventors, artists, musicians, businessmen, writers, creatives can find on BoomStarter an open space where they can put on their own projects, have a valuation on projects from community and get the funds to realize and to expand them.

Put forward your project

Using Boomstarter is easy, innovative, enjoyable and free.
Propose your idea, set your rewards for funders, set the date within you have to reach funds and, when you’ll have your own project page, publicize it and make yourself known by coolest social network sites. So our community will grow up faster, and your chance to find someone that enjoys and funds your ideas will rise.

Let’s fund a project.

BoomStarter is a revolutionary way to support projects which you think are useful and so you can share them succesfully. By funding a project you will get a reward and you’ll be part of it. Get cd’s, books, exclusive seats for a cool première or personal thanks on a movie’s end titles.

Help us to grow up.

We need your help to make Boomstarter part of everybody.
We believe in the power of community, so we’re proud to be the first starting project.
All toghether we can help little ideas to grow up.
Requested funds will help us to start and sustain the BoomStarter’s project.
We will use one part of this funds to promote our site in the world wide web, magazines, radio and tv, in this way our community can rise . Another part of funds will be used to sustain projects that deserve it and to keep site online and always functional.

Boomstarter, little ideas are growing up.


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